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Inside Story: Ladies of the Ultimate 8

Inside Story: Ladies of the Ultimate 8

The Great Cheyenne places a submission hold on Destiny "Queen of Destruction". 

The Ladies of the first Ultimate 8 Invitational Challenge

by Angie Seymour

Wrestling Fans were treated to an action packed day of  Professional Wrestling in Humboldt, Tn on Saturday, November 30th 2013, when "Sir Mo" presented the first "Ultimate 8 Invitational Challenge" Benefit Event & Wrestling Clinic.  

Pro Wrestling Super Clinic
The day's events began with a Pro Wrestling Clinic hosted by former WWE Superstar Brett "The Hitman" Hart, One of The first divas of WWE, Tamara "Sunny" Lynn Sytch,"Sir Mo" of WWE's famed Tag Team, "Men on a Mission" & Men on a Mission's Rapping Manager, Oscar & more. Over twenty five  participants were in attendance as Sir Mo & Oscar began discussing  a wide range of techniques and skills. Sir Mo talked about psychology in and out of the ring saying, "Don't let them break you, in or out of the ring. Know who you are and what you want. You have to learn the game, and be a part of the team.".  He also talked about being prepared physically and mentally. To "Keep Your Mind Open" And to "Be prepared to travel, Get you passport. There is money to be made in other countries, Japan, China, Australia, and The UK." 

Next,  the participants were joined by none other than former World Champion, Bret Hart. Bret talked about the different techniques needed and how it is important to be original and standout. He also shared many stories from his own personal experience in the business. Bret talked about how important it is to connect with your fans and never forget where you come from. During the discussion Bret and Sunny discussed the importance of "Paying Your Dues" and "Showing Respect" to everyone in the business. 

Brett "The Hitman" Hart & Tamara "Sunny" Lynn Sytch w/ Wrestling Seminar attendees.

Afterwards, the participants headed to the ring to workout with Sunny and Former WWE Official Justin King for a training sesson. After a great workout, it was break time. Participants who qualified were invited to stay and compete in a Royal Rumble scheduled for the evening show. (cont.)

Sunny explains the finer points of  wrestling techniques to seminar participants.

Brett and Sunny greet the V.I.P. attendees.
The evening events began as large group of excited fans lined up to see Bret "The Hitman" Hart, Bushwhacker Luke, and Tamara "Sunny" Sytch and have their autographs signed. The Wrestling Stars took the time to speak with each and every fan. King Mabel (a.k.a. Visera, Big Daddy V) later joined the fan-fest signing autographs and taking photos with fans.  (cont.)

"Sunny" signs autographs for the fans.

Bushwacker Luke poses for photos with the fans.
King Mabel & Sir Mo (Men on a Mission)
As the doors opened to the general public for the Invitational Tournament, the house was quickly packed with reports on attendance reaching three hundred plus. Wrestling Superstars from around the world came together to create a spectacular show that delivered from beginning to end. (cont.)
The Great Cheyenne places a submission hold on Destiny "Queen of Destruction". 
Proceeds from the event & donations received are used to help offset medical expenses for a kidney transplant for Sir Mo, who is suffering from kidney failure.

Sir Mo Posted on his Facebook Page the following Sunday; "A heartfelt thank you to everyone who freely gave of themselves, their time, sweat, body and financial support for my benefit event last night in Humboldt Tn. God bless you all."

"Ultimate 8 Invitational Tournament" & "Pro Wrestling Super Clinic" Posters used by permission.

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

"Night of the Vixens" Universal Ladies Wrestling (New!)

 A new Ladies Wrestling Federation has entered the scene in Tennessee! In October, Universal Ladies Wrestling had their premier show, "Night of the Vixens" in Newbern, TN. The action packed matches began with Jennifer Justice & Nevaeh Lynn and before the night was through, many beautiful & talented ladies graced the ring. Also appearing were such big names as Pandora, Destiny "The Queen of Destuction", Kowgirl Kissey, BeBe "The Mississippi Queen",  Crazy Mary Dobson, "The Island Girl" Tracy Taylor, Nina Monet, Rebecca Raze & more! We were lucky enough to on scene for the action and were able to get some awesome photographs of the nights events (courtesy of Angie Seymour photography) and a great two camera video that will soon be available for download on the upcoming Universal Ladies Wrestling website. For more information, photos & more, visit  "Universal Ladies Wrestling" on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/UniversalLadiesWrestling

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Card Subject to Change By Angie Seymour

I have never considered myself what you would call a Big Wrestling Fan. I have worked behind the scenes for Indy Promotions in my area. I enjoyed the Production side of things I suppose. Photographing was my passion. But the real thrill is pulling off a great show no matter if it was 25 people or 300. But My favorite thing is The Joy of watching the kids really get into it. They root for the heroes and Boo the badguys, it really is fun to watch them. Back in 2005 I could only name a couple female wrestlers in my area. The talented Brianna Starr and Jennifer Justice. I worked with them a quite a few times at TIWF, and them girls really put on a great show. But I always felt like they never quite got the credit they deserved. They worked just as hard as everyone else, but something felt different. Times certainly have changed to say the least. in April of 2011 I met The Most Brilliant group of women. The Magnificent Ladies of Wrestling. They held a all Ladies show at TIWF. There were over 35 Ladies, and wow they put on a great show! You can still get a copy of that show (I will link it below). These Smart & Talented Ladies Rocked My World! They definately had a big influence on me. I am working on interviewing some of these wonderful young ladies, that I will be posting soon. So until next time, Be kind to one another or take it to the Ring! Link to Magnificent Ladies of Wrestling DVD : http://magnificentladieswrestling.com/dvds/

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Global Ladies Wrestling Video Downloads & DVD

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